Why Choose Numark

Too many general contractors are pressured into providing fixed quotes today because of client expectations. There are two major downsides to this: 1. These fixed prices are substantially more than what the project should cost. 2. If the contractor starts to go over his budget he may start to cut corners or lower the quality of materials or hired trades.


Numark will plan your project ahead of time so you can see exactly where all of the costs are coming from. Many people are drawn to the idea of a contractor providing a single number and then starting right away. This is a huge red flag and can lower the resale value of your home if your renovation project is not done properly or to code. 


Over the years we have witnessed that clients are significantly happier throughout their renovation process when we preplan their projects compared to the clients that jump in right away into a fixed price contract. They know what to expect. 

Our Process

We help you by first acquiring a budget to better identify your needs and wish list. If a budget is unknown we provide an attainability estimate, for free, in order for you to decide whether the project is feasible, within your budget and/or timeframe. 

Once a planning agreement has been made the planning phase starts. We bring in qualified trades and consultants for your project scope and they provide a quote for their portion of the job. This can include interior designers, specialized engineers, energy consultants, cabinet suppliers, plumbers and electricians. We have a planning system and a checklist we follow diligently.  


We carefully review all quotes with you and will even recommend approving, not approving quotes or suggest removing scope that does not fit within your budget. There are many factors in what drives a construction budget and we help find the best solution for your goals. Once the project planning is complete we then develop a project schedule and the construction phase can now begin!