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A couple own a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house. Their kitchen is closed in and extremely dysfunctional even to the point where they can't open up the lower cabinets unless their dishwasher opens first. That is their 1970's kitchen.


They have one long and awkwardly narrow bathroom followed by such a small master bathroom you can barely open the shower doors without tripping over the toilet.


They want a new kitchen but they have no clue where to begin.

They need more light, more counter space and more functionality and because of where doors are placed it has been hard for them to think up ideas of a layout. Same goes for their bathroom. They see walls taken down and space opened up. 

Here is where NuMark H+H comes in.

The process

We list your top priorities, budget, and future goals. 

After the project scope has been thoroughly discussed and an agreement has been made we will bring in our design team.

Once the design has been agreed upon and any final revisions have been signed off on the planning phase followed by the construction phase can then begin. From demolition to installing the final fixtures and hardware, NuMark manages the entire project all the way through ensuring everything stays on schedule and budget.