Design Build

The Process

Our design and build service is an extremely detailed and efficient process. Custom projects, waiting for permits and corresponding with city coordinators takes a long time and making sure we do whats necessary to shorten that time is of great importance to us.


  • We begin with either an architect or a floor planner that creates your project blueprint. This includes ensuring the space meets code requirements, is permit ready and meets your design requirements.


  • The next steps can require specialized engineers and consultants adding drawings and details for structural, mechanical and building envelope purposes. These may or may not be required depending on your project type.


  • We then finish with interior designers completing a design package based off of your budget and specific needs.


Every last material can be decided at this stage so we are ready to price out the rest of the project. The budget finally comes together after the design, both structurally and aesthetically, is completed. This stage of the design build process is very exciting because after these selections are confirmed we can then create your construction schedule, order materials and line up trades.